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venerdì 22 agosto 2014

Updating: my life #1

I wanted to start a new category, which is my life.
I wanted to share with you how my life changed in these years.
And I also wanted to talk about this 'YouTube lifestyle'.
I started uploading videos on YouTube when I was about to turn 16 y/o, and now I'm 18 y/o.
Time flew so fast. 
At the beginning, I was really scared.
For me, Youtube was a new world.
I was so shy, that I couldn't even show my face.
I talked with a soft voice, I was really embarassed. and now, I can't even recognize myself.

First of all, my thought was 'Nobody knows me, I can do everything I want to.'
I thought that YouTube was one of the best platforms to express who we are.
I remember that I was really scared, my first videos were really awful, I didn't care about lights, recording stuff and other things.
Then I started editing with my old Movie Maker, and everything changed.
I discovered that editing videos wasn't that simple, that it takes a lot of time, 
and you have to be sure that you can sit down in front of your laptop for hours to do it.
A few months ago, my channel reached 1K subs, and I wanted to improve my channel in
a better way.
I stated with the recording stuff, I picked up a Canon powershot, I also started to use a new editing program, which is the one that I'm currently using.
I have to say that I'm not that good, but I think that the difference is way evident.
I don't regret anything.
Probably YT is one of the best things that have ever happened to me, because of that,
I changed.
I realized things that I wasn't even able to figure out.
1K is not a success, but it is my success.
And I have to say that I'm really proud of myself, I'm proud of my progress, and I know that I have the 
possibilities to do whatever I want.

I would like to start English videos, I would like to spread my message, my way of thinking.
I just wanna say that there is nothing wrong with you, nothing.
You just have to believe, believe in yourself, in your dreams, in whatever you want, 
'cause you are the only one that can make these things happen.
It's all up to you.
If you want to open a YouTube channel aswell, open it.
Do the things that you like, and don't get upset if you  don't see the results you wanted.
Sometimes the best is yet to come.
You just have to keep in mind that you can do everything.
Because, everything is in your hands, and as long as you believe in what you do and in what you are,
you can fight and reach everything you want.

- - - - - -

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